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Someone live-tweeted Mike Brown’s murder. Read Bottom-up.


I know the Brown family asked to not have his image used, but because this was the stream of conscious/presence sense impression of someone who will undoubtedly be a witness in this case, I thought it was important to show the photo and his proximity to what happened.

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Jesus be the right words to help me express myself and what has taken place today.

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When you and your friend see that Bitch ya’ll don’t like.

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Some friendships/relationships just run its course.


I’m learning to differentiate between the ones worth fighting for & the ones to just let go of.

Some people just outgrow one another, & I’m becoming perfectly okay with that.

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Being natural never felt better! 💆💇💁

Hello beautiful

Heyy boo 😁😘

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Being natural never felt better! 💆💇💁

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Out here in Columbus,Tx with one of my absolute favorites!

😂 now don’t be name calling because your jelly! We still love you lol

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